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Anil C Menon
Suresh Gopi, Rajeev, Mohini
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Almost four years after the shooting started, director Anil C Menon has managed to bring his film Collector to the theatres. The heavy duty dialogues, guns, firing, car chases, high voltage dramas and so on are there aplenty, but the main problem is that such things have become a tad outdated now!

The action is happening in Kochi, where the real estate mafia literally holds the key to power. City Police Commissioner George Mathew (Baburaj), the city Mayor (Mohini) and the state Irrigation minister (Kalasala Babu) are all partners in crime, joining hands with the mighty real estate baron Williams (Anil Adityan), an embodiment of evil.

Power, mafia, corruption, terrorism, goondaism and every possible thing in the genre finds a mention here, right from the beginning. Into this muddle enters Avinash Varma IAS (Suresh Gopi), who is invited to become the district collector by the chief minister (played by Janardhanan) himself.

Varma is known to talk tough and he takes on the wrongdoers straightaway. He delivers inspiring dialogues, doesnít try to protect even some of his own family members when they become friends with the baddies and dares to fight the criminals whenever needed. When Williams is killed, his elder brother Christopher (Rajeev) takes over the reign as the uncrowned king of the villains.

Itís a Suresh Gopi show all the way and his verbal n physical duels with the baddies is what the film is all about. The film could have been just about okay around a decade back and perhaps the main credit that the director should get here is that he has stitched the scenes shot over the years, into this form!

Fans of Suresh Gopi can enjoy their idol in his fiery avatar. The villains have done their job fine but the female leads like Mohini and Yamini Sharma has nothing much to do.

Collector is loud, formulaic and tailor made for those who are addicted to the age old good versus evil sagas. For those who get thrilled when the hero renders lines of dialogues to virtually everyone around and takes on a dozen hunks with sheer grit, this may be a fine film. For the rest of the world, this may not be such an exciting experience. The choice is yours!

Verdict: Average


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