College Kumaran

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Sunday 3 February 2008

Movie Title

College Kumaran



Star Cast

Mohanlal, Siddique, Vimala, Janardhanan

Straight off the bat, College Kumaran has redeemed Mohanlal?s sagging image to a large extent. All ingredients that go into the superstar?s larger-than-life characterisation has been mixed well and blended with the story to churn out a 165-minute fairly engrossing entertainer.

Mohanlal had rocked in college campus stories during the mid 80?s in Sukhamo Devi & Sarvakalasala. The vexing question -- After so many years, how will Mohanlal fit into a college campus milieu? -- has been answered by writer Suresh Poduval and Thulasidas through the film.

Mohanlal?s character is made believable by making him Captain Sreekumar, who after completing his short service is back running the canteen at Mahatma College, which at one time was run by his dad who along with his sister perished in mysterious fire, years back. For the students at Mahatma College, he is their beloved Kumarettan, who is in forefront of all campus activities. He is like a big brother to the students and a man who gets things done (a Management Guru?) for the College management consisting of the principal Narendranath (Janardhanan) and manager Shivaraman Nair (Nedumudi Venu) who turns to him, whenever they are in trouble.

Meanwhile Madhavi (Vimala Raman), the English professor, thinks he is too big for his boots and resents his popularity among the students. But her hate soon turns to love towards the end when she comes to know who the real Kumarettan is and the sacrifices he has undergone for the students. The villain is Siddharthan (Siddique), an ex-student, a slimy politician and now the Education Minister, who wants his party students to take over the college union, so that he could ultimately take over the management of the college! He successfully frames Kumaran in a police case making him responsible for the death of seven students in a road accident while they were coming back from a study tour. Now Kumaran the former army man turns angry and takes on the corrupt system.

Thulasidas has packaged the film as a masala entertainer on the lines of 70?s commercial films of Sasikumar or A B Raj. The comedy scenes (Mohanlal, Harisri Asokhan, Sooraj Venjaranmoodu and assorted other comedians), have more slapstick than any real humour. Vimala Raman and Balachandra Menon, who plays a journalist, have no meaty roles. Old family sentiments with a weepy climax song seen last in Prem Nazir-K P Kottarakara type films abound, along with a lot of action scenes mixed with current campus political issues. The film has three songs written by Shibu Chakravarthy and composed by Ouseappachan with Kanakuyilin?. being the pick of the lot, though Snehathin Koodonnu? is also peppy.

And finally Thulasidas, Poduval, the producer and people who buy the ticket for the film, knows that such an outdated story that moves at snail pace, at times torturous, will work only if the one-man entertainment troupe called Mohanlal plays the College Kumaran. The film is worth a look only for this most solid of actors, with his impeccable comic timing.

Verdict: Time Pass