Craig Gillespie to direct Emma Stone starrer 'Cruella'?

Last Updated: Wed, Dec 05, 2018 11:51 hrs

[USA], Dec 05 (ANI): Australian film director Craig Gillespie is in talks to direct the live-action 'Cruella,' with Emma Stone playing the protagonist, who covets the furs of the 101 Dalmation pups to provide herself a perfect coat.

Set in the early 1980s, Stone will portray the role of infamous fashionista villain Cruella De Vil, who hates dogs. De Vil was first seen in the 1961 animated classic '101 Dalmatians.'

According to Deadline, American writer Alex Timbers was on board to direct the project, but the 'Mozart of the Jungle' co-creator ran into scheduling issues and dropped this project. Timbers, who is also a theater director, has two major productions next year.

Famously known for directing the Tonya Harding biopic, 'I, Tonya', Gillespie has also helmed movies like 'The Finest Hours', 'Million Dollar Ar,' Fright Night remake, and 'Lars and the Real Girl.' (ANI)