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Crocodile Love Story

Crocodile Love Story
Anoop Ramesh
Praveen Prem, Avantika Mohan
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You can only watch debutant director Anoop Ramesh's ‘Crocodile Love Story’ with sheer disbelief. How could a group of people venture out to make a film with such a silly story and expect the viewer to sit and enjoy this absurdity?

But then, the real surprise here is on who would invest money on this sham!

An overweight and lazy engineering graduate named Kiran (Praveen Prem) is himself shocked when a pretty neighbor and childhood friend Nithya (Avantika Mohan) falls for him without any real reason.

Even if you are ready to accept that love is blind, it is not east to sit through the romantic song sequences that follow. The saga goes on and on testing your patience and the actual story happens, just before the end of the first half.

The lovebirds manage to reach a beautiful island to spend some time but to their horror, they have a crocodile for company there. They climb on to the only tree there and then start the usual hullabaloo at the other end with idiotic cops, dumb fire fighters, politicians, natives and not to forget the media lining up soon.

In between there is a cricket player named Sreeraj (Manikkuttan), evidently modeled after a real life Kerala cricketer known for his antics both on and off the field.

This film's script by Sabari Sankar is not even worth the price of the paper used to write it. This is another example of irresponsible filmmaking, which is plain irritating and make you cringe in the seats. The visuals and music perhaps suit the mood.

If there is one activity happening here, it is the competition between the actors to come up with the worst performance. While Praveen Prem looks totally out of place, Avantika proves that she has no acting bones whatsoever. Actors like Kalabhavan Mani and Manikkuttan seems to be completely lost and totally disinterested.

‘Crocodile Love Story’ makes you laugh for sure, but for all the wrong reasons. If this amateurish and nauseating buffoonery finds a place in any list, it could be as one of the worst films in Malayalam during recent years.

Towards the end, the hero says that it would have been better if he was eaten up by the crocodile. Can someone throw the film-can as a meal for the creature, please?

Verdict: Torture


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