Curtains down for ‘Fan Fight Club’?

Last Updated: Sun, Feb 25, 2018 16:43 hrs

If you are active on the social media circuit chances are that you have already known about the controversy where a ‘closed group’ on Facebook, called “Fan Fight Club (FFC)” has been the target of many.

FFC is a group where most of the members use fake identities and post comments, trolls and pictures with surprisingly vulgar tones. Some of the comments are so ugly, sexist and casteist that it is a surprise on why action was taken against this group, earlier. All these vulgar comments often abusing the poor and the under privileged is just like the attitude of those who mob lynched a poor youth at Attappady, alleging him to have stolen some food, feels many. 

The screenshots of many posts are circulating on Facebook and those who write against this group is targeted to abuse in terrible language. 

One of the alleged members of FFC is a director, who created two blockbuster hits that are known for its double meaning dialogues and open celebration of vulgarity and is now in the centre of media attention. Some of the screenshots of his comments posted in the group are shocking, to say the least.

Meanwhile, there are rumours that this current controversy where FFC has been targeted has been created by a rival Facebook group and that some of the members were earlier part of FFC.

Aswanth Kok, who is said to be the admin of the FFC group has posted that “We have been closed down due to legal issues. Those manipulators who fabricated fake memes by using FFC™ logo and made it viral can have orgaasam now. Only the FB group can be closed. The emotion called FFC™ will last forever.”

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