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Monday 10 July 2006

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Ravi Kaale, Rangayana Raghu, Thara, Malavika

This film deals with the inside story of the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in Sri Perumbadur 15 years ago. The redeeming part of this one hour thirty minutes film is right selection of artistes and fantastic camera work by Rathnavelu.

The film starts when Shivarasan and gang escape from an oil tanker to a place of safety which is explained in dialogues. From the day they reach Bangalore outskirts and shift their base for a short stay of 20 days which is told in a breath taking style.

How Shivarasan and Shubha stays in the house of Ranganath , who gives shelter to the terrorists and the helplessness of Mrudula his wife and the manner in which police tried to capture them is all told in the film.

In their stay at Ranganath's house, one night a cop comes to the house for some other reason brings smile on the face of Shivarasan and gang. Spending money in excess, they point revolver at Ranganath's wife Mridula. The gang takes bath, eats, sleep and exchange their hard feeling sometime with Mridula who is dead against to this gang staying in her house.

For bringing groceries Mridula is accompanied by one of the seven assassination gang. Shuba the key suspect holding the AK 57 calls Mridula , her elder sister. She request Ranganath to take her to a serene place. Shuba recollect her birthplace and family. On the 18 th day of their stay they shift from Ranganath's house to a new house in Konanakunte with posh facilities.

They all wait for Swamiji to make preparation for their flight to Nepal. In Muthathi the gang of Shivarasan is attacked by police and public as they fail to disclose the identity. 12 members gang consume cyanide and in one of the 12 the police find a clue in a small chit. With that chit the investigation team moves to Bangalore.

As a tough man Shivarasan role is enacted by the Hindi film actor Ravi Kaale. He looks rigid and has performed well. The best performance comes from Thara and Rangayana Raghu who play Mridula and Ranganath roles. Thara as Mridula is surely going to bag awards for her neat performance. Avinash as DCP Kempaiah suits well. Nazer as DIG Raju has no scope. Malavika with a good image in small screen in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu has appeared on screen as Shuba. Though the role goes against her current image, she has acted well.

The camera work of Ratnavelu on the proceedings of 20 days of life of Shivarasan & gang is very effectively shown on screen, while Sandeep Chowta?s background score is awesome. On the whole, it is worth watching. A good attempt by Akshaya creations indeed!

Verdict: Good

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