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Da Thadiya

Da Thadiya
Aashiq Abu
Sekhar Menon, Sreenath Bhasi, Nivin Pauly, Ann Augustine
Biji Bal
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After the delicious Salt N' Pepper and the 'inspired' but well made 22 Female Kottayam, director Aashiq Abu has raised the bar with unconventional filmmaking. In his latest offering Da Thadiya, he shows the courage to cast an obese youth in the title role and this could be an example of 'boldness'.

All these theories may look good on paper but remember, when we start watching the movie, only its merits finally count.

Luke John Prakash (Sekhar Menon) is the grandson of the first Mayor of Kochi and his father John Prakash (Maniyanpillai Raju) is the leader of a fledgling political outfit. Luke's cousin and his closest friend Sunny (Sreenath Bhasi) narrate the story and we learn that the 'big boy' was besotted by a chubby girl named Ann Mary Thadikkaran (Ann Augustine) right from the school days.

Ann's family had shifted their base for a while and by the time she came back, she had become thin and beautiful. A glimpse of her and Luke is love struck. She wants him to be more healthy and fit. She takes him to the clinic helmed by an Ayurvedic expert named Rahul Vaidyar (Nivin Pauly).

Well, things look definitely promising here but the problem with the film is its half-baked script. Most of the characters and even the situations have no real depth and are disturbingly superficial.

It is Sunny's narration that keeps the viewers engaged and of course, there are moments, which shows Aashiq Abu's eminence. There are certain build-ups and some promising starts, which are interesting, but it really never takes off beyond a point. The script by Shyam Pushkaran, Dileesh Nair and Abhilash Kumar is good only in parts but the director manages to package it all into a decent watch. Shyju Khaled's visuals are top notch and Biji Bal's music is good.

Sekhar Menon looks fine in his role, at best. Sreenath Bhasi steals the show at times, with his smart narration. Nivin Pauly looks handsome and convincing. The rest of the cast has done what the script demanded.

In the end, Da Thadiya is a lazily written film by all means. It has some brilliant moments here and there, which could be fine for some. Aashiq, you could have done better!

Verdict: Average


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