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Sai Kumar, Vinu Mohan, Sruthy Lakshmi
Mohan Sithara
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Three girls and their stories which are surprisingly interconnected; that's what director Vijayakrishnan's Dalamarmarangal narrates. It's a nice concept perhaps inspired from films like Crash, Amores Perros, Babel and many others, but the problem here is its rather weak plot.

Aswathy is a salesgirl at a textile shop and live in modest surroundings with her ailing mother. The second one, Karthika has no real clues about what her father's actual business is, but she is the darling of her parents. The third girl in the story, Rohini belongs to a rich household but finds love only from her poor lover.

Now, Aswathy is an illegitimate child of Rohini's father and when he knows about it, he wants the girl to be bumped off. Is it a rather easy way to solve such an issue? The one assigned to do this, happens to be Karthika's father, who in real is a ruthless criminal. But he is doing this for his daughter's treatment!

Confused, are you? Well, the director has handled it in a nice way and the narration is indeed engaging. Still, the whole story is not convincing enough and it is more like building a mansion on a weak foundation! Kannan's visuals are just fine, but Mohan Sithara's music is quite good.

The experienced actors in the film like Sai Kumar, Sobha Mohan and Meghanathan have nothing much to do other than what they have done in their earlier films. The recognizable faces like Vinu Mohan, Jayakrishnan and Sruthy Lakshmi too have limited roles and they all perform the parts in a nice way.

Dalamarmarangal could have been much better if its makers had approached it with more passion. It is enjoyable in the current format as well, but one gets the feeling that with a more impressive plot, it would have worked really well.

Verdict: Average


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