Dare to watch Kya Super Kool Hai Hum trailer?

Last Updated: Sat, Sep 01, 2012 04:23 hrs

If you fancy toilet humour of the crudest variety, then this is right up your alley. Tusshar Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh play a struggling actor and aspiring DJ respectively. But more than their craft, they seem to be focussed on their 'urges'. And boy, have they got their mojo on 24/7!

All these two seem to have eyes for are a woman's assets. If they're not dousing the heat in their pants literally with a cool bottle of water, they are talking sex. But strangely, they seem to have no knowledge regarding basic sexual terminology or any appreciation for the other person participating in it.

While this may not be the intention, it's clearly symptomatic of the prevalent bedroom ratio. It's so much about 'pleasing the man' that these two doofuses don't even know what a woman means when she's 'wet'. (Should we be surprised that the sex talk in this film is so one-sided, especially when magazines like Cosmopolitan and Femina only highlight bizarre tips on how to win brownie points with your man?)

Watch the teaser:

There's no dearth of brazenness from the women featured in this film either! While some seem crass, we do have to doff our hats to Sarah Jane Dias, who talks about dildos with spunk! It's at times like these that one wonders if this could have been an intelligent sex comedy.

However, the following snippets doused that thought.

There's Riteish salivating at Vidya Balan's blouse from The Dirty Picture and Anupam Kher clarifying the 'Srikhand' Riteish is holding in his hand is in fact from Vicky Donor!

Now hold that barf in because there's one more coming up - Chunky Pandey as a yogic doing penance while lying horizontal on a log of wood. Now you go figure what kind of wood that is. And yes, you may grab that barf bag.

In fact, most of the trailer is so in your face that Tusshar's Dostana act pales in comparison!

There's also a gay angle thrown in more as an after-thought. (And one can do that because, after all, gay stories are all about groping and harassing straight men, right?)

But you've got to hand it to the makers for stating what they're not. At the very outset they claim that this is not a movie for the family. And they're also clear that they're not looking forward to any star ratings from critics.

Thanks to that, any adult can watch this testosterone and ribald gestures-infested plot with a clear conscience and a pack of mints that can quell any signs of throwing-up.

Watch the trailer:

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