Darshan buys exotic monkey as pet for son!

Last Updated: Mon, Jul 01, 2013 05:55 hrs

Kannada super star Darshan, who has a penchant for exotic and luxury items, recently acquired a rare cotton-top tamarin for his son. A critically endangered species, the cotton-top tamarin, a new-world monkey cost Darshan close to Rs 5 lakhs! Darshan has named the monkey Gaja, after one of his biggest blockbusters.

The actor claimed that he had completed all the legal formalities to acquire the primate. A native of South American jungles, there are an estimated 6,000 cotton-top tamarind in the world, most of them being pets. It has been declared as one of the ‘World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission Primate Specialist Group.

However, the laws defining the acquisition of rare and exotic animals from foreign countries in India are not clear. Also, Darshan claimed that he purchased the pet from a local breeder. The cotton-top tamarin requires utmost care and round-the-clock attention. Besides, the pet adopted by Darshan is just a one-month-old baby monkey.

Darshan’s son, who is less than 5-years-old, is supposed to be thrilled with the new pet at home. Darshan has made some rare acquisitions, including the Hummer vehicle. However, he is not known for flaunting them.

The actor, who recently returned from Iceland, has taken a break from the shooting of his movie Brindavana, which is a remake of the Telugu hit Brindavanam. The actor is having a dream run in Sandalwood with 4 of his last films being blockbusters.

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