Dear Tamannaah, why this self-sympathetic rant?

Last Updated: Mon, Mar 05, 2018 10:36 hrs

In a recent interview to Dina Thanthi newspaper, actress Tamannaah says that life of an actress is not as happy as outsiders think!

 “I’ve been in cinema for fifteen years and working hard without break. I am unable to eat what I want to, and always work hard to maintain my body and looks. Sometimes strenuous workouts and hectic schedules keep me on my toes. I envy other women who have a free lifestyle”, says the 'Miss Milky White' as she is known in Andhra.

Tamannaah says an actress has be ready with a smile whenever directors say ‘Shot ready’ and you have to hide your personal problems when you are in front of the camera.She also went on to add that half her life in shuttling between Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Mumbai with no time left for family or friends. "People say actresses have fame and money but they are not aware of the difficulties we undergo”, quips the actress.

“I’m not saying that there is no space for happiness in cinema but people should understand that we are sacrificing so much for our survival”: Tamannaah.

We do agree the life of an actress is hard, no jokes there. But the concept of a free lifestyle that she feels us non-actors have, we wonder what that is? Is it the right to eat and exercise as we wish? But other contemporary actors have taught us something else -  Actors have to be good at acting and their size/figure is secondary. Yes, we are using Vidya Balan as an example here and even Anushka Shetty and Parvathy. 

So, is it not a personal choice you are making here? Also, let us talk of the women you are envious of Tamannaah -  Every working woman puts in long hours at work as you do, may be even longer, and now that we are comparing, let us compare the remuneration. While you get paid in crores the rest of us, who you are envious of, can only dream in denominations of INR 1000. And talking of sacrifices, most working women can only dream of finding spare time to work on their physical fitness, the same fitness routine that you so detest that you decided to add it to your long list of complaints. The long schedules, the frequent trips, numerous endorsements, cutting ribbons- we understand all this, but is it not a choice?? 

That said, we do wonder why the actor is going on this self-sympathetic rant. We do wish you the best in life, dear Tamannaah, but do take a break and live a little. We love you always!