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Saturday 10 February 2007

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Star Cast

Jayam Ravi, Bhavana, Lal, Vijayakumar

Less than 30 minutes into the film and you know that Deepavali has a tailor made script to project Jayam Ravi as an action hero. It is a film that expects you to abandon your sense of logic and reason with illogical clich?s and stereotypes.

Billu (Ravi) is a tough lovable young man, son of Mudaliar (Vijayakumar) who is a sort of kingmaker of Royapuram area of Chennai. Enter Sushi (Bhavana) a poor little rich girl who comes to live as a guest in his neighbourhood. It is love at first sight for Billu as he picks her up from the railway station and on the way back she too falls flat for his brawns as he fights a dozen thugs single handedly!

A love story without a villain? Once again it is the same old dad of the heroine who is the bad man. He is Chidambaram (Lal) a dreaded don in Bangalore who is a killing machine. Sushi had a miserable childhood and her mother was killed in a car accident planned by Chidambaram?s enemies. Adding more woes to her life, she had a head injury in that accident and is suffering from ?Post traumatic event amnesia?!

Sushi has forgotten what has happened in the last three years of her life and is literally scared of her dad. Now Chidambaram lands up in Chennai, beats up Billu to pulp (seeing the mayhem, Sushi once again loses her memory!) and now she forgets the Chennai episodes in her life including our poor Billu! But the superhero wakes up in the hospital bed and straightaway heads to Bangalore to bring back Sushi who is all set to marry another guy!

Billu has two tasks ahead of him. The first one is to bring back old memories in Sushi?s mind and taking her back to Royapuram where an entire township is waiting for them. Finally will Sushi recognize Billu and his deep love? All actors in Deepavali disappoint, and the blame should go to the ridiculous plot and the lifeless characters that they've been hired to play. Director Ezhil has not been able to establish the love between the lead pair convincingly and hence we are unable to empathize with the hero?s anguish and pain in the climax.

Bhavana, a fine actress is miscast as Sushi as she lacks the necessary attitude and glamour associated with her character. Her make-up is patchy and hairstyle (the curly hair) looks weird.

Jayam Ravi is convincing as an action hero but in emotional scenes he needs to work more. The rest of the cast like Lal, Vijayakumar, VMC Haneefa and the others fail to rise above the sorry script. Yuvan Shankar Raja?s magic is wearing off as none of the songs stay in your mind. The only silver lining is Vijay Milton?s camera which is eye catching especially the song picturised in Jordan.

On the whole Deepavali is a heartless love story.

Verdict: Damp Squib