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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 19 February 2007

Movie Title



Jithu Joseph

Star Cast

Suresh Gopi, Jagathy, Sindhu Menon, Devan, Sai kumar

Suresh Gopi?s Detective is a fast moving investigative thriller with twists and suspense till the end. New director Jithu Joseph has made the film racy and the highlight is Suresh Gopi in a dual role. As a simple down-to-earth politician and his half brother a shrewd intelligent investigative cop he is good and delivers quite a kick!

Mohan Kumar (Suresh Gopi) is a popular young aspiring politician who is all set to contest the by-elections in state assembly. His attractive and ambitious wife Reshmi (Sindhu Menon) is found dead and the local police investigation proves that it was a suicide. Reshmi had left a suicide note saying that she is taking this step not able to cope up with her husband?s torture. Naturally Mohan Kumar is arrested and is send to jail.

Chief Minister (Prem Prakash) to whose party Mohan belongs has very high opinion and trust in him as an idealistic young politician. Urged by the opposition leader (Cochin Haneefa), CM is forced to bring top detective Shyam Prasad (Suresh Gopi) to investigate the case. The opposition has a reason as Shyam is the half brother of Mohan and they hate each other.

But Shyam is a nice guy who slowly understands Mohan?s frustrations and insecurities in life and slowly uncovers the mystery behind Reshmi?s suicide. He finds that it was a calculated cold blooded murder and now his job is to find out who is behind it?

Jithu Joseph who has also written the screenplay has made the film an edge-of-the-seat thriller though the basic plot and presentation seems to be highly inspired from Oru CBI Diary Kurippu . The way Shyam walks, talks, dresses and speaks reminds you of Mammootty as Sethurama Iyer!

Suresh Gopi is there in all the frames and he is in top form. The rest of the characters are all apt and does their roles to conviction. The only weakness is that the film loses speed in the climax as the reason for the murder is not convincing and lacks logic.

But Detective is a ready made investigative masala that works mainly due to Suresh Gopi and his immense screen presence.

Verdict: Interesting