Dhanush’s desperate hours

Last Updated: Mon, Apr 04, 2005 06:14 hrs

Dhanush, the one-time fastest rising young star of Tamil cinema is going through the worst patch of his career. Big brother Selvaraghavan and father-in-law Rajnikanth are a worried lot and are on a joint effort to salvage his sagging career.

His last three release- Sullan, Dreams and Devathaye Kandein were total wash outs at the box-office. And during this period his rivals like Silambarasan, Ravi Krishna and even Jeeva did “down-to-earth, frustrated and psychic youth” roles that were successful.

Films like Manmathan, 7-G Rainbow Colony and Raam had borrowed the image of Vinod in Kathal Kondein. These pretenders successfully aped his formula to the hilt and were able to churn out hits. But at the same time, Dhanush made the big mistake of doing formula films that did not suit his physic, body language or looks.

In all his recent films he was packaged as a hero with a larger-than-life characters, a complete antithesis to his underdog image! For the Selvaraghavan directed Puthupet, Dhanush is growing a beard and building up his muscles. He is also simultaneously doing cameraman Aravind Krishna’s Thirudan Police which on the face of it looks like a mass masala film. So what is Dhanush game plan?

Well, its simple- Try and get into the image of his mamanaar (father-in-law) as a “mass hero” which has already been hijacked by Vijay. But will this image transformation work with the audience? Like Rajni, Dhanush is also trying to be secretive about his projects as he was shooting for Thirudan Police in a Hyderabad studio so that the Tamil media will not know what is happening behind the scene.