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Monday 23 October 2006

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Vijaykanth, Lakshmi Roy, Vijaykumar, Manivannan

Is Perarasu, Vijaykanth?s fledging party Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam?s (DMDK) propaganda secretary? After watching Dharmapuri, one gets the feel that the mass director of Tirupachi, Sivakasi and Tirupati will play a crucial role in Captain?s party in future.

Dharmapuri is pure DMDK propaganda machinery working overtime. Perarasu who has written the story, screenplay, dialogue, lyrics and directed the film has given it a commercial coating ? songs, fights, punch lines and a bit of glamour. As a political propaganda film, Perarasu has done a fairly decent job as he has worked the script to suit Captain?s screen image.

It has a terrific introduction scene aimed at B and C audiences to prove that Captain is invincible. A thug fires a bullet straight at the hero?s chest, the bullet bounces back and hits the gunman injuring him- our hero has a metal plate to protect himself! In the climax of the film, the hero sorts out all issues himself and delivers punch lines dialogues that clearly indicates that he wants to capture power in Tamilnadu.

The story, situations and dialogues are all created to give a superman image to Captain plus profiling him as the man who gets things done! It is a simple, straight forward story of Sivaram (Vijaykath) who along with his mother is living in exile in Rameswaram as his father Meiyappan (Vijaykumar) had left their village in Dharmapuri in a huff.

Meiyappan an honest farmer and village chieftain believed that the villagers should follow traditional industry like making clay pots and artifacts instead of giving sand and clay to big city based builders. Meiyappan gifts his 200 acres of land to the villagers but it is soon taken away by his brother, Mokkayam (Manivannan) and his two evil sons Peruchalikaruppu (Bobby) and Silanthikaruppu (Raj Kapoor).

Now the villagers go to Rameswaram and bring back Sivaram and his assistant Shanmugham (M.S.Bhaskar) to drive out the evil brothers who have converted the local school into a bar and the hospital into a club! The rest of the film is how the one-man-army of Sivaram changes the lives of the villagers for the better. To romance, Sivaram has the company of Valarmathi (lakshmi Roy) and for Ammapasam there is a mother (Sumithra).

Even Perarasu lyrics are written keeping in mind that Captain has to be projected as the next Chief Minister! In the first mass song Naan Yaaru..Naan Yaru? there is a line which says- Antha Kotayil Kodi Parakumeda? which clearly indicates that he will capture power and sit in Fort St George from where the state government is run! And the last song Vanthutaru Vadiyaru.. is pure propaganda and even talks about Pattabhishekam!

Perarasu , Captain?s propagandist has made a fairly engrossing Kichadi which is loud and clear about its intentions. Vijaykanth makes no bones that he wants to be the next Chief Minister of Tamilnadu and till then he is sure to churn out political potboilers.

Verdict: Political propaganda

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