Dhruva Sarja on repeat mode!

Last Updated: Thu, Jul 30, 2015 09:08 hrs

Two-film old actor Dhruva Sarja, who is currently busy with the third project Bharjari, is one of the most sought actors in Sandalwood! But surprisingly, he is also in the ‘bad books’ of few industry insiders for his starry tantrums and ‘only one film a year’ commitment.

His two films, Addhuri and Bahaddur, both with Radhika Pandit as the lead actress, were supposed blockbusters. Both the movies were of similar genre and were equally liked by the masses for its old wine in a new bottle type youth-connect story and cheesy one-liners, which seem to be the USP of his movies!

Now, a source close to Bharjari team says that his third venture too is an action-thriller, very similar to that of his last two films, in terms of genre. Dhruva, is already three year old in the industry and is yet to prove his versatility among audience. His contemporaries, on the other hand, have walked miles away!

Repeating the same genre’s and romancing new heroines might help him maintain the fans but would not fetch him new ones! Its high time Dhruva sheds his ‘lover boy’ and ‘dialogue king’ image and picks up some unique genre movies.

Dhruva, whose performance has been subtle, has promised to come back with a better version of himself in Bharjari; but with a similar genre movie, many opine that the scope of improvement could be very minimal, going by the fact that the movie will have some fixed number of songs, action scenes, trendy dialogues and a clichéd climax! 

Will Dhruva break-free from his commitments and emerge as a promising star? Well, the star was ‘too busy’ to reply!