Director Jude's next target is Pratap Pothen?

Last Updated: Wed, Dec 27, 2017 12:41 hrs

A few days back director and actor Jude Anthany Joseph had made some remarks on his Facebook page, which was perhaps targeted at actress Parvathy, following her Kasaba remarks. It was to these lines that Parvathy said “OMKV”, which has become quite famous by now.

Actor Pratap Pothen posted some comments criticizing Jude, which was deleted sometime later. Pratap’s lines were pretty harsh for sure, but Jude’s Facebook post, which many believe is a reply to this, is rather shocking.

Jude writes a rather provocative remark, without mentioning anyone, that what can be said to a mad dog, who has taken drugs? “Get well soon dear old dog”, he continues.

More surprisingly, the comment has received around 6.8 K likes and lots of comments in support.