Director No:1 Jeethu Joseph Unplugged

Last Updated: Thu, Jan 02, 2014 10:46 hrs

After Drishyam he is the most talked about director in Malayalam and even other languages have started to take a note of him. The film, with Mohanlal as the hero, has been appreciated critically and has been going incredibly strong at the box office. In an exclusive interview to, Jeethu Joseph talks about Drishyam and more.Excerpts:

The year 2013 was wonderful for you with two blockbusters, Memories and Drishyam. How do you feel looking back?

(Smiles) It is overwhelming and it has added more responsibilities as a filmmaker. I am aware that I will have to live up to huge expectations from now on. On a lighter vein, many viewers have told me that they expect films like these from me. All I would like to say is that I want to experiment with various themes and of course, my effort is to give the best to my films.

How is Drishyam faring businesswise?
The producer feels that the film’s collections can go to record levels. The film’s other­ language rights have been sold at a handsome price. The collections have been exceptionally good and the heartening aspect is that we are having repeated audience, which includes families.

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How was it working with Mohanlal?
Mohanlal was just amazing, as everybody knows, and he is a thorough professional, giving positive energy to all.

Drishyam begins in a conventional way a bit slowly and then things proceed at a fast pace. Was it done intentionally?
Of course. I believe that we have to see films in its totality. I am aware that there aresome areas where the pace is slow but I have included certain aspects that are important for the plot later.

There are lots of discussions going on about your comment that Mammootty had opted out of the film. What is the truth about that?
The subject was first narrated to Mammootty. He liked it but he was already committed toa couple of family related themes. So he needed some space in between. He gave me all
the support and gave me the option where I could wait for him or to go ahead with some other actors. Let me make this clear, he liked the script and has encouraged me always.

What next?
As per the contracts, I can direct the Tamil and Hindi versions of Drishyam. Right now, I am working on a script the details of which will be announced soon. I am also writing a script for a debutant director.

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