Dookudu vs. Magadheera

Last Updated: Wed, Nov 16, 2011 06:51 hrs

"It`s official Dookudu is the all time hit in Tolllywood", Producer Anil Sunkara proclaimed on stage during the 50 days event of Dookudu.

"We will give Rs One lakh if they prove that Dookudu crossed Magadheera records in any center in Andhra Pradesh,"  Megafans in Vijayawada challenged the producer Anil.

With claims and counter claims by fans belonging to Mahesh Babu and Ram Charan, a verbal war is on between these fans. And it is escalating each passing day. Especially in Vijayawada city where Dookudu 50 Days was celebrated in huge manner, respective fans have put up hoardings and flexi banners claiming "records", flaring up the situation. 

Sensing that this war between fans might lead to caste wars, as Vijyawada witnessed such incidents in the past, the police in the city are taking the stock of the situation. Police also asked all the fans to refrain from such statements and just enjoy the movies. 

"Fans should continue their good work as they are known for such activities in this city," a police officer told the media, reacting to this situation. 

According to mega fans, the epic Magadheera still holds the record of all time hit in Telugu with more than Rs 100 Crores of business. 

They agree that Dookudu created records overseas, but they refuse to agree with producer Anil Sunkara`s claim that Dookudu is the no.1 movie in Tollywood. While Mahesh Babu`s fans stick to the claim by the producers.