Drohi will be different: Vishnu

Last Updated: Wed, Sep 08, 2010 10:58 hrs

Vishnu made a mark with his debut film Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu where he played the soft hearted village boy Marimuthu. The role got him noticed and a spate of films. Drohi is his third film and Vishnu is rearing to go, playing a Royapuram city bred aggressive character. We chat up with him to find out why Drohi is so special for the young man..

What’s your role in Drohi ?
I play Karuna, a Royapuram based aggressive character who always wants to give back to people. It’s completely different from what I am in real life! In fact when Sudha offered me this role, I felt that Srikanth’s role would suit me better and I wondered how I would perform. But hats off to director Sudha for pushing me beyond my own limits and getting good performance out of me.

How did you prepare for this role so different from your previous ones?

Normally I am not a person who hates anyone but my character in this film does! So where normally actors can call upon their own life experience to perform a role, it was impossible for me to think of who to hate so much to bring out the character! But the pressure Sudha put me through brought it all out! I had to put on 15 kgs to look mature for this role so I was given lots to eat the whole day on the sets! It was difficult to do the stunts because of the weight but I managed. I just followed my director and didn’t have time for the workshop she did since I joined the unit late thanks to the shooting with Bale Pandiya.

You don’t mind doing a double hero film?
Not at all. As a film buff, I have often wondered how nice it would be to see double hero films in Tamil like in Hindi. So if I am myself getting such a film why would I say no! The subject was good in Drohi and Srikanth and I both got equal footage. Srikanth was very helpful and we really became close. You see, for me it was very tough the first few days because the entire cast is full of experienced actors with many films behind them! But slowly I gained the confidence to perform with all of them thanks to Sudha who kept me on my toes egging me on to do better by never once praising me. When I saw the edited version I was thrilled and surprised at the results! ( laughs) That pressure worked for me I guess.

Tell us about your first on screen kiss in this film. We heard you took many takes…
Well it’s only a kiss on the cheek which Poonam had to give me. But what was making me uncomfortable was the hugging scene! Finally after ten takes and much coaxing Sudha got what she wanted! ( laughs)

Why is Drohi a memorable film for you?
In my first film people saw my potential. In Bale Pandiya, I did comedy but in Drohi, they will see that I can do different things with convinction. So this film is is the next step for me. I am trying to be as different as I can in each film and choosing scripts with care. So far all my films including my next one ( Kulla Nari Kootam directed by debutant Sri Balaji ) is each different from the other in terms of role, backdrop, looks and with new directors. After Drohi I hope people will see the different shades to me and give me scripts to bring out different facets of my talent.

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