E Bandhana

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 24 December 2007

Movie Title

E Bandhana


Vijayalakshmi Singh

Star Cast

Dr.Vishnuvardhana,Jayaprada, Darshan, Ananthnag, Thara, Jennifer Kotwal, Doddanna,

This remake is a well made family entertainer that throws light on relationship and how children discard their parents in old age. A few changes are made from the original 'Bagbhan to suit the nativity.

What?s interesting in the debut direction of Vijayalakshmi Singh (sister of national acclaimed director S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu) is the perfect selection of artistes, technicians, locations and maintaining the grandeur. The role played by Dr.Vishnuvardhana and Jayaprada is a very fine combination.

Harish Raj (Dr.Vishnu) and Nandini (Jayaprada) in their 40 years of married life have three male children. The parents contribute everything for the success of the children but they are dejected when they are financially bleak. They do not keep anything to lead their own independent life. The children come out with the idea of division of parents to share the responsibility.

Harish Raj and Nandini live separately in two of their children families and this is where they receive the lethal blow on their self respect. The children do not give time for the hearings of parents and they are even treated as obsolete. Nandini is treated badly in the house that makes her life miserable. She says it is enough of living separately and calls up her husband to express her feelings.

Harish Raj who is also treated badly fined a good friend in Ullagaddi (Ananthnag) is now able to live with his income. He asks his wife Nandini to come back immediately and join him. This is the time they find Kiran an orphan who has grown up in their family who is now a business tycoon. Kiran treats Harish Raj and Nandini as his own parents and give all the comforts for them in life. At this time Harish Raj finds a major announcement that the experiences he had written in 'E Bandhana' won laurels. The book of Harish Raj also wins the Booker Prize. In the farewell party Harish Raj gives the position of a son to Kiran while his three sons are baffled at the decision.

Very rarely Dr.Vishnuvrdhana gets an opportunity to perform like this. His emotions are fantastic on screen. He looks gleeful with Jayaprada to his side. Both look made for each other with modern outfits are a treat to watch. The next position of appreciation goes to Darshan and Ananthnag. In their small presence on screen they show their ability. Kumari Vaibhavi and Master Nayanshekar have given touching performances.

Mano Murthy lends some memorable tunes that live for a long time. Adhe Bhanu Adhe bhoomi?.sung by Sonu Nigam is excellent among other songs. Ajay Vincent cinematography is an additional boon to this film.

This is a film to watch.

Verdict ? Above average

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