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Engeyum Kaadhal

Engeyum Kaadhal
Prabhu Deva
Jayam Ravi, Hansika, Suman, Raju Sundaram,
Harris Jayaraj
Kalpathi S Aghoram
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Engeyum Kaadhal, director Prabhu Deva’s romantic musical tries too hard to maintain a tempo, but save for the crackling chemistry and some charming moments involving Ravi and Hansika, the film is just average.

The film plays out as a predictable Bollywood love story, sticking faithfully to old formulas, even culminating in that now obligatory climax scene where the hero runs to get his girl. As far as the film's plot is concerned, there's very little that is original, as it is not your traditional plot-driven film.

All the characters in the film are cool, light and easy. So cool in fact, that they sometimes come off looking silly (Raju Sundaram and Suman). But silliness apart, Engeyum Kaadhal is a refreshing film. Refreshing, because of its spectacular performances from lead pair, Nirav Shah’s camera and above all Harris Jayaraj’s outstanding music.

On the upside, there's a sparkling scene in which Hansika with a broken heel tries to teach Ravi that money made out of betting and gambling does not stay with you while hard-earned money will remain with you forever. Another wildly hilarious scene involves Prakash Raj’s cameo appearance twice in the film telling Prabhu Deva that “he has dates”!

Hansika is a true pathaka, spontaneous and sparkling. Her innocence and cute expressions makes her character life like and lovable, and her radiant chemistry with Ravi is a major plus. Ravi leaves a lasting impression with his debonair looks, voice modulations and vulnerability. He is the brightest spot in this otherwise ordinary film, rising above the script.

To be fair, there are portions that are so funny but for the most part, it's a silly comedy that goes for slapstick gags and juvenile jokes that are hard to appreciate. After all the fun-n-games, the energy dips in the second half. There is sadly no escape from those predictable misunderstandings and manipulations in the climax which only slacken the film's pace.

On the whole, Engeyum Kaadhal is not great cinema, but it puts the fun back into the movies. Despite its small hiccups, it is an entertaining watch with Prabhu Deva’s light-and-frothy signature style stamped across every frame. All the songs are a treat to watch especially the introductory song Engeyum Kaadhal... and Nangaai..

From the eye-watering photography of exotic locales to the stars' slinky designer costumes, Harris foot-tapping numbers to the carefully picked junior artistes in every scene; this is that cool-light-n-easy kind of film that you either have an appetite for, or no interest in.

Verdict: Candyfloss


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