Enter the clown… of `No Entry`

Last Updated: Thu, Aug 25, 2005 08:45 hrs

Celina Jaitley

The cast of No Entry thinks Celina is the clown amongst them. Who knew that the lovely face could raise laughs too! But Celina happens to be the funniest among the girl band and the actresses give away some of the madcap stuff that Celina did...

Says Lara: Celina is a complete goofball! I still remember there was this time when we were shooting the climax and the guys were to hang off the cliff. Celina is supposed to throw the rope alongside. The first time, she threw the rope, it got tangled with the unit guy and she without realizing was pulling at the rope with all her might! Almost strangling the guy!

The next time she threw it, it was on the cutters edge. And finally, when the rope got the right way, Esha went, “Wow!” It was a three camera setup and they caught her exclamation. The perfect shot was an NG! Esha and I completely cracked up.

On Celina's gymming ways: Esha is this fitness freak. Bipasha had just taken to gymming in a big way. And I work out whenever I can make some time. But Celina is so skinny, she doesn't have to! So every morning she used to tug along when we used to go to the gym.

While we sweated it out like pigs, the lady used to get into pretty, matching gym gear and sit there biting into cheese beagles! “That's right, they used to work, I used to watch!” smiles Celina.

Says Esha: Celina is indeed very funny. She was the one who suggested that we video shoot our stay. Bipasha had a handicam and we girls went beserk. There is this little bit where all of us pretend to be some other actress and yak in their accent.

Lara and I said some funny Tamil while Celina and Bipasha started speaking Bengali. It was extremely funny to watch her imitate the heroine.

Bipasha adds: Celina is most definitely the funniest amongst us. She would make funny faces and behave like a complete idiot! I was very surprised watching this side of her. Don't go by that gorgeous face, she is quite a mad woman. Also, not everybody knows this but she has this butterfly scare about her.

The girl is completely phobic about butterflies. So whenever we used to lounge of the sets, she would sit right in the centre, so that the others could form a ring of protection. And yeah, how could I forget, she gave us such a hard time during the workouts. Madam hardly has any flab! She would sit and grin while the rest of us sweated buckets.

So who does Celina think has the cockiest sense of humor? “I think Salman. He is uncut. He'll say something and we are laughing for the rest of the day. I thought he was very funny”

What about her co-star Fardeen? “Well, I have worked with Fardeen before and I am very fond of him. He has never attempted comedy before. But you'll like him in this one” the poker-haired beauty assures us.

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