Eswar Gomathy


Friday 6 December 2013

Movie Title

Eswar Gomathy



Star Cast

Velu, Anaswara, Bala.

Agreed, it is the season for rom-com?s in Tamil cinema and every film maker has got on to the bandwagon. Director Sakthivel has tried to dish up a comedy which has ended up as an amateurish attempt.

Ego is a laboriously long, sleep inducing and patience-testing exercise in idiocy with mistaken identity as premise resulting in some silly comedy and half baked script.

It is cheerfully dumb and doesn't aspire for anything more than cheap laughs. The film's first half is dreadfully dull, and the second only marginally better.

The lead cast of Velu, Bala and Anaswara along with a bunch of supporting cast tries hard to makes audiences laugh, but even a smile is hard to come by.

Contrived and unimaginative this film is worth a skip.

Verdict: Waste of time