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Face 2 Face

Face 2 Face
V M Vinu
Mammootty, Ragini Dwivedi
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Okay, we know how big a star is Mammootty and that he is a fantastic actor as well. But in Face 2 Face, director V M Vinu seems to be so enamoured by the hero that his character has been presented often disturbingly larger than life, with lines to praise how exceptional he is, at regular intervals!

Balachandran (Mammootty), a Circle Inspector under suspension now, is hot tempered and has made some real fortunes from real estate and share market. After some loud music, which is synonymous with youngsters in the film, the story is all about unveiling the mystery behind the murder of a brash young politician named Thomas Punchakkadan (Feroze Khan), the son of the ex-state home minister Varghese Punchakkadan (Vijayaraghavan).

Balachandran's involvement in the murder is suspected straight away, as the murdered youth was responsible for his suspension. SP Ramdas (Siddique) and CI Latheef (Kalabhavan Mani) are investigating the murder but they go weak at the knees when they question him. And then, the hero investigates the murder himself, solves the case and tells the cops what to do next.

It has been a horrendous run at the box office for Mammootty during recent years and it will be no surprise if the film turns out to be yet another disappointment in the actor's career. With the absence of basic logic at most times and a style that was perhaps okay eons ago, this film is tough to be digested even for the hardcore fans of the star.

Manoj's script and Vinu's direction makes this thriller look more like a comedy. Here young guys and gals who are perhaps in their teens have nothing else to think in their life other than drugs, drinking and dancing, baddies are epitomes of all vices and then there are some messages for all those waiting for it.

Mammootty has sleepwalked through this one and the only thing curious here is on what attracted him to this rather funny looking script. The supporting cast have done their brief fine and Ragini Dwivedi, who plays Mammootty's wife, has nothing much to do.

Face 2 Face has been packaged as a mystery flick, but this one is anything but thrilling. Don't forget some medicines for migraine if you are going for this one!

Verdict: Below Average


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