Fans take to Twitter in support of Kamal

Last Updated: Wed, Jan 30, 2013 07:42 hrs
HC judge to review Vishwaroopam today

Kamal Haasan underlined the fact that he is a secular man, a man who has "grown up listening to Periyar".

But the actor says he's upset and hurt by how political facions are treating him.

"The film shows have been stopped again and the police have sent away fans, asking for court order copy," said Kamal. "I have been thrashed in a political game."

Kamal's fans agree with the actor and took to Twitter to show their support. Here are a few postings: 

Kollywoodcinema: Must take great skills on part of the state to make an artiste who's been acting for over 50 years to say "I'm fed up!" #Vishwaroopam"

Vinay: Going to watch #Vishwaroopam today in Hyd.Kamal sir's speech is deeply unsettling. It's that feeling of u wanting to burst out but cannot :(

Krishna Prasath: #Vishwaroopam good question asked by #kamalhasan how could a film can hurt any religions feeling says he is fed up of politics

Tania samtani-hari: A fan says he's ready to pay for tickets even if he doesn't watch the movie! im with him on that one! #thoughtful #support

Ramasubramanian: Starting to lose respect for the democracy we have and the TN govt led by JJ #shame #vishwaroopam

Shasvathi: If someone as senior and loved as Kamal or Rajini feel that they are unwanted in their own land, it's utter shame! :/ #Vishwaroopam

CilemaSnob: Now waiting for Firstpost to do a piece on Kamal Haasan playing the "victimhood" card.

Reem: Kamal Hassan (unlike Rajni ) is a rationalist, & has spoken for years against superstition. Am watching #vishwaroopam as mark of support.

Pratiksha Ramkumar: What the TN government is doing to Kamal Haasan is shameful! Will watch #vishwaroopam only in the theater! Her vengeance knows no bounds!

Tenali Rama: Right time to sing this in front of the secretariat in Chennai : ``why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di...'' #kamalhaasan #vishwaroopam

Alagappan Vijaykumar: So Jayalalitha has effectively lost her next election? Personal Vendetta! #vishwaroopam

Ṿarghese ΚoshY: The entire educated masses of our great country #India are with you Kamal Haasan #Vishwaroopam #StopTheBan #CulturalTerrorism #TamilNadu

PRAVEER PRASAD: Everyone has the right to freedom of artistic expression and it is the duty of Tamil Nadu Govt to protect Kamal Haasan #Vishwaroopam

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