Farhan Akhtar talks Don

Last Updated: Wed, Jul 26, 2006 04:16 hrs

If Farhan Akhtar wasn't so stressed by post-production work he'd be amused by the controversies surrounding the release of his eagerly-awaited Don . "Why is it so important for the world to know whether Don is coming with Dhoom 2 or any other film? And who's really bothered by how many films come together for Diwali? Not me ,my producer and my cast. And Yash Uncle and Aditya Chopra are also not concerned about whether we're coming with Don on the same day as their film. So who's creating these unnecessary and futile battle lines? As far as I'm concerned there's enough elbow room for every film, and not just at Diwali but any time."

Farhan is aiming at a Diwali release. "Yup , we're aiming for a 20 October release. But it all depends on the censoring. Sure, we don't anticipate any trouble. But it's always safe not to announce the date until the film passes through the censor board."

Farhan has shot Don in India, Malaysia and the last stint in Paris. "We just have one more song to do. And then Don is done. It's been a great great deal of fun. But it's not like I was letting my hair down after the serious Lakshya. To me every film is a serious business. In the past few months I've been completely absorbed by the process of putting Don together. That's why I find the question about its release a but funny. Right now I'm not even thinking of the release. I'm too busy living the film to think about its departure when it finally leaves for the theatres."

Working with Shah Rukh Khan has been an immensely satisfying experience for Farhan. "I can easily say he's the most spontaneous actor I've ever worked with. The role of Don was something he was waiting to slip into. This is a totally different experience for him. So far he has been doing a majority of romantic films. I can't say who enjoyed Don more, me or Shah Rukh."

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