Five reasons why ‘2.0’ is a must watch on the big screen

Last Updated: Fri, Nov 30, 2018 11:22 hrs

Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's 2.0 has released and the fans have gone berserk! 

Here are five reasons the movie is a must watch!

Most expensive Indian film
Made at a budget of more than 550 crore rupees, 2.0 is the most expensive film ever made in Indian film history. When the producers invest so much in one film, it’s sure to have a strong content and the grand visuals are deserved to be viewed only on the big screen.

Originally shot in 3D

Although we have seen Indian films which were converted for 3D, 2.0 is entirely shot in 3D right from the first scene. At the Hyderabad press meet, the film’s director Shankar has requested audiences to watch the film in 3D to get the exact effect. Shankar also promised that the movie watching experience in 3D will be ten times better than 2D.

Akshay Kumar’s debut Tamil film
Many actors from Mumbai have acted as antagonists in Tamil cinema but none of the Kollywood directors achieved to rope in a top star like Akshay Kumar in their films. Shankar says that Akshay has a lot of shades in the film and his character will not be a usual baddie.

Akshay has also said that in his 28 years of film career, he never applied so much makeup and for his character in the film, he daily spent three hours to get into the required look.

Get ready to see Vaseegaran, Chitti, ‘2.0’ and another surprise avatar of Rajinikanth
As we all know 2.0 is not a sequel to Enthiran but the film has got the three core characters—Dr. Vaseegaran, Chitti, and ‘2.0’, all played by Superstar Rajinikanth. Chitti and ‘2.0’ are the favorite characters for many kids so it’s time to revisit our own superhero. Also, Shankar has revealed that there is a surprise avatar of Rajinikanth in the film.

Brand Shankar and Rahman’s music
Known as the Showman of India, Shankar’s films are meant to be watched on the big screens for the visual extravaganza and the unadulterated entertainment. 2.0 is the costliest film ever made by Shankar so 2.0 will have grandeur written all over.

Shankar has also revealed that Rahman has spent nearly six months for the background score of 2.0. The director also compared the re-recording with the music he listened in Hollywood films like Spiderman and Batman.