Friday Fury- January 7, 2011

Last Updated: Sat, Jan 08, 2011 07:45 hrs

It's the first Friday of 2011, and there is a huge anticipation around in a brand new year.

If last year saw a record 150 releases, will this year be as prolific? Surprisingly this Friday will see only one straight Tamil release along with five dubbed films.

Thamizh Desam, the lone release has been in the cans for months and is a rural based message film on food shortage.

The hero of the film is Reghuvannan, character actor Manivannan's son and is directed by Thamizh Selva.

The big Hindi multiplex release is No One Killed Jessica, which is sure to be raved by the elite audiences.

Other than that there are no other major releases. The multiplexes have been liberal this week as previous releases have been disappointing.

A big film which was released for Christmas was stopped at Kamala Screen 2, on Tuesday due to lack of audiences!