Fun - Can Be Dangerous Sometimes

Last Updated: Fri, Feb 04, 2005 05:09 hrs

2005 continues with its does of sleaze! ' Fun...Can Be Dangerous Sometimes ' follows on the trend with a theme of husband swapping, the first ever in Bollywood. 'Fun' doesn't shy away from projecting truth about today's society where instances of such events really happening are already making headlines in both the print and the news channels world. That makes the movie even more contemporary!

With Aryan Vaid and Payal Rohatgi in the lead, expect another 'hot' flick in the offering! Siddharth Koirala, Manisha Koirala's younger brother (who was supposed to make his debut long back with ' Raja Dil Ka Ghulam ') settles down for this three hero-three heroine movie directed by Sanjay S. Zhaveri. Shy, coy and the simple girl from Sohail Khan's ' I -Proud To Be An Indian ' - Heena Rehman - sheds her inhibitions with 'Fun' while Gaurav Dixit, Russel Bangia, Malishka and Rajat Bedi form the rest of the cast. Sanjeev Darshan return to the music scene after some time and compose.

Like Sunidhi Chauhan is to item numbers, Shreya Ghoshal is to sensual numbers today! Ditto for Kunal Ganjawala who is now the hot favorite for such numbers post ' Bheege Hoth Tere '. Both of them come together for ' Jal Raha Hai Badan ' that does succeed in creating the right mood for an occasion. Soft music and subtle orchestra takes care of getting the right effects in place and the suggestive choreography only helps the cause. Both the singers deliver well while Nasir Faraz's lyrics ignite the scene further. Overall a good track that holds your attention throughout.

Nasir Faraz also writes the love song ' Tum Paas Ho Magar ' that appears in three versions — a duet by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal and a solo each by both the singers. A nice melody that could have fit in any romantic movie as well, it is impressive due to all the factors combined together — Sanjeev-Darshan's smooth, lively and easy-to-ears music, wonderful singing by Sonu and Shreya that is expressive with various shades and Nasir's lyrics. That's the reason why it is befitting to have the number appears thrice as it makes you start humming the number right away! These numbers more than make up for your decision to go for ' Fun ' as the album was again a case of nil expectations to begin with!

Melody continues with Rakhi Pundit written ' Deewangee ' that is sung by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik. The number does take a conventional route of other Bollywood love songs but the good part is that it is still quite listenable and you don't really go the fast-forward way. Experienced singing compensates for whatever similarities the number has with other such numbers and one moves on to the two tracks written by Sunil Jogi.

We were talking of Sunidhi Chauhan in the start! Well she comes in for the pop track ' Let's Have Fun ' that has fine rhythm but then is marred by some very average lyrics that go as ' Aaj ki raat bahek jaaye mann - ho jaaye deewanapan, Jo karna hai - done done done '! Now this is not going to fetch this year's popularity awards for the best lyrics! The number attempts at being lively and also succeeds to an extent due to non-stop fast pace music arrangement that doesn't let you think for a single moment. But overall, the number is not something that Sunidhi would proudly display in her CV!

Priti-Pinky and Kunal Ganjawala unite for the final song of the album ' Aish Karen ', a peppy and lively youth number. Sunil Jogi continues from where he left in the title song and his lyrics here go as ' Dil Ka Dil Match Karen - Mastiyon Ko Catch Karen '. Yet again, it is the music and singing that comes to a rescue again. This situational track should work along with the theme of the movie as it talks about living life as per your own will and convenience!

Music of ' Fun ' is above-average with ' Tum Paas Ho Agar ' and ' Jal Raha Hai Badan ' being the pick of the lot. For a genre like this, an upcoming starcast and overall reach of the music, ' Fun ' isn't disappointing at all as it gives more than what one expected at the beginning.

Rating: **

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