G.Dhananjayan clarifies on 'Settai' trailer

Last Updated: Thu, Jan 24, 2013 08:53 hrs

G Dhananjayan of UTV had tweeted that his Settai theatrical trailer will be attached with Vishwaroopam main picture. However Jayendra of Qube Cinema had said it is unlikely that theatres will show it as it is not part of the original movie.

Jayendra had tweeted: “If you want to attach a trailer to a movie it has to be a part of the censored movie and should share one censor certificate, then it will be part of movie. In digital delivery a trailer is sent separately and is entirely up to theatre to play it. It cannot be attached to movie”.

Settai trailer with Viswaroopam?

Now Dhananjayan has clarified Jayendra is stating something that does not happen even in Hindi. Dhananjayan said: “The trailer is never censored with the main film even for UTV’s own Hindi films and it is always added to the main film. The censor gives the length of the main film and cannot include the trailer length. Hence, what Jayendra tweeted is not what really happens.”

Dhananjayan added that the trailer is uploaded with the film by most screens but at the theatres due to length, some might delete the trailer alone.

Said Dhananjayan : “ However, by speaking with all the theatres, we ensure the trailer is played with the main film. We have a letter from Raajkamal Films International producers of Vishwaroopam to Qube Cinemas where they say that Settai trailer need to be played before the main film.”

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