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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 21 January 2008

Movie Title



Yogaraj Bhat

Star Cast

Ganesh, Daisy, Neethu, Diganth, Rajesh Krishnan, Bhavana Rao

The multi crore venture and maiden film of SPR Entertainment India Limited, the comeback of top star Ganesh and director Yogaraj Bhat (of `Mungaru Male` fame) 'Gallipata' is a treat to watch. The dialogue is in excess sometimes appears to be foolish but nevertheless the amazing camerawork of Ratnavelu and melodious songs of Harikrishna takes the film to great heights. Don't ask for the story. Only ask for description of characters seems to be the new motto of director Yogaraj Bhat. From this he knows how to attract the cinema viewers.

Gani, Kitty and Diganth (Ganesh, Rajesh Krishnan and Diganth) to have cozy atmosphere, reach the beautiful locale of Mugilpete where Diganth?s grand father is living. Adjacent to their house lives Kodandarama (Ananthnag),his wife Padma, daughters Neethu, Pavani and Soumya (played by Neethu, Bhavana Rao and Daisy Bopanna respectively). Soumya is the daughter in law of the house. Kodandarama's first son died a few hours after marriage to Soumya and thus he considers her as one of his daughters.

The three guys are with different attitude. Gani is a chatter box. He murmurs for everything and he is always with some eatables in his hand. Diganth is also a mild prankster but Kitty is cool as cucumber. In the company of Kodandaram the three guys go for hunting of a wild boar that is missing for the bullet of Kodandarama. In the wild forest on two deadly occasions they return home and get the yelling of all other family members. But on the third occasion they go without the knowledge of female inmates of the house. Kodandarama is shocked this time. He regains the lost balance of his two legs. He lets the boar to go and considers it Lord Vishnu's 'Varahavathara'.

This time the inmates of the house are in jubilant mood as Kodandaram gets back his legs and he is able to walk freely. In the meantime Gani is in love with widow Soumya, Kitty is locked in the love of Pavani a cantankerous girl and Diganth has quietly fallen in love with Neethu. Kodandaram considers the proposal of all the three but Soumya declines to get married to Gani. She wants to live in the memory and that is fine for her. She wants to settle down with a new job she got in Switzerland. The chatter box, funny and attractive Gani is taken aback with such straight disposal of proposal. He takes Soumya in his vehicle to drop at Bangalore airport but destiny has something else.

On the way Gani and Soumya are invited to fly Gaalipata (Kite) for which they have cross the river. In the mele the boat they are traveling topples. Gani takes courage to save Soumya from fatal accident. As expected she decides against her earlier plans. This is the film that is good in narration, excellent in cinematography and lovely in songs.

Ganesh steals the show throughout the film. His dialogue delivery is in continuation of 'Mungaru Male' and Yogaraj Bhat picks the similar locations with most dangerous water falls like Shivanasamudra, Kodachadri and exquisite mountains ranges of Karnataka. The technical excellence like Super 35, Digital Intermediate done for the film enhances the quality of the film.

Neethu is brilliant. She has that speedy style with a dose of good heart that works out well. Diganth is very supportive, Rajesh Krishnan and Daisy occupies more silence in their roles. Bhavana Rao although looks very short in her build she has not left any shortfalls in her acting. Ananthnag and Rangayana Raghu are once again remarkable. Padmaja Rao, Sudha Belawadi are continued in this film also with not much of attachment to the roles.

R.Rathnavelu is sure to capture an award or two for his high degree of skill. Four songs of Harikrishna are melodious. Two of the four songs sung by Sonu Nigam ?Minchangi Nee Baralu..? and ?Ondhe Samane?? are immaculate. This is worth watching for various fabulous elements.

Verdict ? Very Good

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