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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Wednesday 22 September 2004

Movie Title



Suresh Krishna

Star Cast

Vijaykanth, Laya, M.S. Bhaskar

These are hard times for Tamil filmgoers as good movies are hard to find. The hapless viewers are not demanding trail blazers or highart at the movies. All they want is paisa vasool entertainers. Vijaykanth's Gajendra could have been a great entertainer, unfortunately it isn't!

What we can't understand is why Vijaykanth at his age, accepted to do this remake of Telugu Superstar, the 21 year -old NTRs formulaic action film. Gajendra is a stereotypical goody-goody guy who fights against the scum of the earth for people's sake, a la Spider Man with some shades of Baasha. The director Suresh Krishna who made a mess out of Rajinikanth's career in Baba, will not be able to revive the sagging career of Vijaykanth with this film.

Its hard to tell you what the film is all about. Gajendra (Vijaykanth), brought up in the household of Sarat Babu, a rich man is totally devoted and faithful to him. His mission is to bring back Sarat Babu's elder daughter back to the family as she had married a doctor (Rajiv) against his wishes.

Sarat Babu's younger daughter Kausalya (Flora) is madly in love with Gajendra. But he is in love with Indu (Laya) who has lost her memory. Due to a few misunderstandings Gajendra is forced to leave the household and when Indu gets back her memory she tries to kill him! In a flashback, Gajendra is lying seriously injured in a hospital, Radha Ravi, a police officer from Hyderabad comes and tells the rest of the predictable yarn.

There is a lot of violence in the movie as Vijaykanth goes berserk using a huge designer pick-axe to severe head and limbs of assorted villains and saying punch lines with political overtones. The producer ran out of money so there are only two background songs in the film by Deva which you have heard earlier. The only redeeming feature in otherwise moribund film is M.S. Bhaskar's Comedy track. On the whole Gajendra is corny and the pace nerve-wracking.

Verdict-Waste of time.

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