'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Episode 3: Jaime's fall from grace

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"You will be raped. More than once," Jaime says to Brienne in Season 3, when they are captured by Locke and his men. He advises her that resisting rape would be fatal. "If you were a woman, wouldn't you resist?" she asks. Jaime replies that if he were a woman, he'd make them kill him.

He eventually saves her from a horrific fate by telling Locke that her wealthy father would pay a king's ransom to get her back with her honour unbesmirched.

And now we return to Season 4, where Cersei is standing beside the body of her dead son Joffrey. Jaime walks in and as he kisses Cersei, she pushes him away, shocked by what they're doing. They are inside a place of worship, in front of their dead child. However, Jaime is now a changed man. Having lost his hand, he feels emasculated. She rebuffed him once, and now it seems to him that she's doing it again. Jaime forcefully grabs Cersei and has sex with her. She begs him to stop, but he does not. The man who saved Brienne from rape is now guilty of it. We began rooting for Jaime after his encounter with Brienne, but now we hate him again.

Sadly for Cersei, that isn't the only insult she suffers that day. Prior to Jaime's entry, she witnesses Tywin, unmindful of the fact that it is barely a day since Joffrey died, tutoring young Prince Tommen on statecraft now that he is next in line to rule Westeros. She stays silent in her rage.

Tywin is of course cold and calculating, already planning for the future. He knows he can mould Prince Tommen. But what of Prince Oberyn? Tywin shows his cunning once again by offering a deal to the Dornish prince. He asks Oberyn to be a judge in the trial for Joffrey's death in exchange for help in finding Oberyn's sister's killers. Oberyn agrees. Tywin goes one step further and asks Oberyn to become one of the principal advisors to the new king. He knows that Daenerys will soon turn her eyes to Westeros. Dorne, which had once resisted invasion by Aegon Targaryen and his dragons, can help him fight Daenerys.

Meanwhile, we see the Stark princesses heading in opposite directions. Sansa Stark is led away from the scene of the crime by Ser Dontos, who appears to be grateful to her for saving his life. She is whisked away to a waiting ship. Her rescuer turns out to be Lord Baelish. Ser Dontos is killed when he asks for the money that was promised to him for bringing Sansa. Sansa learns that the disgraced Ser did not save her out of gratitude. He simply needed the money. She sees the true nature of the world once again.

And so does Arya Stark. She manages to lie her way into gaining shelter for the Hound and her from an old farmer and his daughter. They have supper with their hosts but when the farmer mentions that he has some silver, the Hound perks up. The next morning, she awakens to see the Hound stealing the farmer's silver. "Dead men don't need silver," he tells Arya. The old farmer is weak and cannot protect himself. He will be killed along with his daughter soon. Because that is the way things are.

The Stark princesses are both hostages of a sort. However, Arya seems to possess some agency while Sansa does not. Sansa has always been a pawn in strategic alliances, perhaps like most medieval princesses turn out to be. Arya is a far more interesting character. Let's see what happens to her.

Elsewhere in Westeros, Stannis Baratheon has heard of Joffrey's death and realizes that if he does not stake his claim to the throne soon, he will be forgotten to become a footnote in history. However, he does not have the men or money to wage a war to regain his birthright. His advisor Ser Davos comes up with an idea later when he is with Stannis' daughter Shireen. He remembers that the Lannisters are now deep in debt to the Iron Bank. And as we know, if someone fails to pay back the Iron Bank, the Bank would fund their enemies and get back their money. Ser Davos then sends a letter to the Iron Bank. It goes without saying that he has asked the Iron Bank to fund Stannis so that he can defeat the Lannisters.

Tyrion is in trouble again, accused of yet another murder. He faces execution the second time around. His faithful squire Podrick confesses that he was asked to testify against Tyrion in the trial. But he refuses. Tyrion orders Podrick to leave town before he is killed for refusing the offer. They part ways. Will we see Podrick again?

All is not well for the Night's Watch either. The wildling army makes it way towards Castle Black. The Night's Watch are only a 100 men strong but Mance Rayder thinks they have over 1000 men. Jon Snow realizes that the mutinous Brothers who stayed back at Craster's Keep know their real numbers. If Mance Rayder reaches them, he will know the truth. Jon Snow suggests that they have to go beyond the Wall and kill the mutineers before Mance Rayder reaches them.

And finally, Daenerys leads her wave of emancipation to the city of Meereen. The rulers of Meereen send out their champion. Daenerys responds by sending Daario Naharis as her champion. Daario turns out to be an absolute badass who unflinchingly kills the mounted champion in no time. Bravo, Daario!

Daenerys then speaks to the salves of Meereen. She tells them that they need not serve their masters. They can be free. She signals her catapults to fire into the city. The barrels that are shot across crash into the walls and rain down open shackles. The slaves pick them up and look at their masters. Is it time for a popular uprising?

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