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Game review: Slick & stylish but lacking in substance!

Abhinay Deo
Abhishek Bachchan,Kangna Ranaut,Sarah Jane Dias,Jimmy Sheirgill,Gauhar Khan
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Be it Istanbul or Bangkok, Indians are everywhere – as heads of vigilance squads, billionaire businessmen, or politicians. Welcome to the world of Bollywood thrillers where anything goes.

Check out the story. A letter invites the following people to an Indian billionaire’s deserted sea-side villa – there’s a nightclub owner (Abhishek Bachchan), a journalist (Shahana Goswami), a Bollywood 'shiny shirts' superstar (Jimmy Shergill, miscast), and a slimy politico (Boman Irani).

They arrive at the island owned by Kabir Malhotra (Anupam Kher ) and are received by Malhotra's assistant Samara (Gauhar Khan ).

At the dinner table, Malhotra tells his guests he’s been plotting their downfall for three years now.

He proves that each one of them had been guilty in some way or the other in context to his daughter. And he now wants revenge.

But that night is eventful (is it a good idea to tell people you're going to ruin them and then have them sleep over in your eerie bungalow?). A gunshot is heard, and the focus shifts from person to person.

Special: All about Game | Images: The girls of Game

Let’s take a look at the characters: you have a nightclub owner who draws in clients with sleazy dance shows, but who is actually (by virtue of being the film’s hero) a sensitive and caring lover.

You have a London-based investigative cop (Kangna Ranaut) who speaks in a North-Indian accent.

And you have the classic cliché of the evil politician.

The plot developments are pedestrian. Adding unnecessary flab to the story is the track of Kangna’s character contending with a boss telling her to drop the case repeatedly.

Then you have characters justifying the film’s title by mouthing silly dialogues like 'And the Game begins' and 'It’s not over' when nothing of great significance is happening.

For a whodunit, the pace is pretty languorous. There is no feeling of immediacy, no fabulous breakthroughs, no great twists.

The twists that the story does take are unintentionally funny. And the key evidence (there's a pun in there) takes the cake.

Images: Preview - Abhishek, Kangna in Game | First look: Game

The film is technically proficient. The cinematography aptly captures the texture of Istanbul and the sound design is superb.

The songs (especially Javed Akhtar’s lyrics) are a treat.

Abhishek doesn’t bring much to the table. Kangna looks striking and is functional for the most part, though her accent is still wobbly.

Sarah Jane Dias makes a confident debut – this actress has both the looks and the natural screen presence.

Boman Irani leaves a mark despite the limited screen time.

Debut director Abhinay Deo (who has also directed the yet-to-be released Delhi Belly) makes the film slick and stylish, but is lacking in rock-solid content.

That is the trouble with most Bollywood thrillers any way; this one is among the many.

Rating: 2 stars


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