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Gauravam - A good attempt, but not engaging

Radha Mohan
Sirish, Yami Gautham, Prakash Raj
SS Thaman
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Honour killing is not a subject for commercial cinema. Director Radha Mohan and his producer Prakash Raj has to be applauded for making this bilingual and trying to bring in the much needed change of mindset in our society.

Ashok (Sirish) is a man on mission, as he is in search of his friend Shanmugham. And when he reaches Shanmugham’s village, he understands that his friend who is from a low caste had eloped with Rajeshwari, an upper caste girl, daughter of the powerful landlord Pasupathy (Prakash Raj) and is now in Chennai.

Arjun gives his word to Shanmugham’s old father that he will bring his son back and thus starts his journey. He settles in the village along with a close friend and Yazhini (Yami Gautham) a lawyer and a social worker for company. How they manage to solve the mystery behind Shanmugham’s missing is told in a rather predictable manner.

Radha Mohan has definitely made the film without succumbing to any trappings of commercial cinema or heroism. It moves at snail pace, is predictable and has docu-drama feel to it. The performances do no impress much.

Sirish Allu clearly seems to have worked on his physique, his hair, his appearance even, but can't seem to do much in the acting department. Yami Gautham is adequate but has very little to do in a stereotypical part. Prakash Raj with limited screen space is good while Nassar is wasted. A major highlight of the film is Thaman’s inspiring music.

Because it's well-intentioned and settles for a hopeful message, you stay with the film despite the fact that it's never quite compelling.

Verdict: Average


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