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Saturday 17 April 2004

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Vijay, Trisha, Prakash Raj, Vinod

The good old formula is back with Gilli. A one-man-army combats an eccentric villain against all odds as he tries to save a helpless girl from his clutches. Dharani has done it for the third time by churning out this hit-and-run yarn that keeps you engaged and entertained for 160 minutes. (See: On the sets of `Gilli`)

Gilli?s plot is strictly puerile, what with Vijay almost flying and jumping between buildings like Spiderman! But suspend disbelief, sit back, care two hoots for logic and simply grin and enjoy.

Corny but unpretentious, the film merits a look mainly for its star attractions Vijay and Trisha who are as charismatic as ever. Dharani uses his characters as restless, unbelievable pawns in a do-or-die chess game. To Dharani?s credit he keeps the tempo running at jaguar pace, besides assigning Vijay several laconic wise-cracks and one-liners.

Velu (Vijay) son of ACP (Ashish Vidyarthi) lives a cool, carefree and irresponsible life with a bunch of friends. He spends more time playing Kabbadi than studying and is a champion at the game. During one of the tournaments in Madurai, he bumps into a helpless girl Dhanalakshmi (Trisha) forcefully dragged by a local goon to marry him.

Muthu Pandi (Prakash Raj) is the dreaded goon and his father is a minister. He sets his eye on Dhanalakshmi and has an obsessive love towards her. Muthu Pandi kills her two brothers who stand in the way of marriage and she is forced by her father (Vinod) to runaway to Chennai and take the next flight to America to take shelter in her uncle. But she is caught by Muthu Pandi and his men only to be saved by our hero.

Now Velu becomes her protector and a one-man-army and his mission is her safety. He keeps her in his room in his house without the knowledge of anyone. The rest of the film is how Velu becomes successful to put her on the flight, but realises that he has fallen in love with her and in the climax he eliminates Pandi and wins his love.

Vijay is in blistering form especially in the first half. Prakash Raj as his powerful opponent is good but overacts at times. Trisha looks appealing and brings conviction to her role. On the whole the film is racy and entertaining with no comedy tracks to distract the viewers. Dharani has made some changes in the climax of this Telugu remake of Okkadu. But Vidyasagar's music and the picturisation of songs could have been better.

Verdict: Racy Entertainer

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