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God For Sale: Daivam Vilppanakku

God For Sale: Daivam Vilppanakku
Babu Janardhan
Kunchacko Boban, Suraj Venjarammoodu, Jyothi Krishna, Anumol
Afzal Yusuf
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Director Babu Janardhan's God for sale: Daivam Vilppanakku points fingers at the exploitation made in the name of certain beliefs. With some hard hitting statements and a bold stance, the film has its heart at the right place.

The writer-director definitely knows what to tell. But the problem is the way it has been told.

Prasannan Nair (Kunchacko Boban) had a disturbing childhood living in poverty and shame, after his father ended his life following certain unfortunate turnarounds. He was part of the RSS as a youth and when he joined the college for studying law, he had no qualms in shifting his ideology to Communism.

The same happened with his romance as well, as he conveniently forgets his love for a village girl (played by Jyothi Krishna) when he meets a rich girl (played by Anumol) at the college. The gift of the gab took him ahead in his life but there was no conviction in his words or thoughts.

Sometime later, Prasannan becomes a Christian and then, he attracted followers as Poornananda Swami. The story unfolds through the narration of the Swami, after a mishap that happens at his 'asram' and also from the narration of his elder brother Bhaskaran, played superbly by Suraj Venjarammoodu.

Babu Janardhan tries to fit in too many plots and sub plots into the narrative and it all ends up as a terrible mess. Even for the discerning viewer, it will be pretty tough to pick the actual focus as the director goes for unnecessary detailing of not so important sequences, with some of the crucial sequences getting a lazy treatment.

The efforts to get some applause at the cinemas using a few shots from actor Thilakan and adding some dialogues which have no real connection with the film, ends up as a meek show. It is ironic that the director attempts to exploit the controversies that followed the legendary actor in a film that says about exploitation of various kinds!

And it is also a pity that a film, which handles some courageous and relevant topics, has been made in such a careless way. The film could have been made crispier with a skillful editing perhaps, but no such luck here. The less said about the visuals (credited to Sinu Sidharth and Pramod-Pappan), the better.

The highlight of the film could be an outstanding performance by Suraj Venjarammoodu. Kunchacko Boban shows some maturity in his acting style for sure during most part of the film, but has evidently done the rest of the scenes in a laidback and half-hearted manner. The rest of the cast, including the heroines, have nothing much to do.

There is a certain honesty about God for sale: Daivam vilppanakku, which needs to be appreciated for sure. But with the way it has been narrated, this one tests your patience in a big way. Now, decide on your own.

Verdict: Above Average


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