Goli Soda-2 will talk about how one should fight hard to retain his identity!

Last Updated: Wed, Jun 13, 2018 19:43 hrs
Goli Soda-2

“When I went to Koyembedu market, saw kids who slept in the clumsy area, owners would call them as 'hey redshirt', ‘come here you uncombed’ and even though they have names, people wouldn’t respect them and they don’t expect such recognition either. But what happens if they expect a recognition? What happens if they revolt against these people who don’t respect them? This is the basic idea of Goli Soda but the story of Goli Soda 2 is different”, Vijay Milton begins his conversation with the basic spark behind the story of Goli Soda.

“There are educated youngsters in the families of lower economic background and there are people who work hard to take their family to the next level but our society will not leave them to achieve success like a piece of cake. So what are the challenges? In Goli Soda 2, we have an auto driver who has wifi in his vehicle and collects the reasonable fare. Then, there is a basketball player and another guy who wants to get settle down. Of course, we have placed loves stories for these protagonists but it will not be a cliche, the fight sequences will not be unrealistic and there is no over the top commercial elements”, said Vijay Milton.

Vijay Milton has worked with a bunch of directors who have acted together with the newcomers in the film. The director added: “You are a reporter and imagine if you had a hard day, explaining the situation to your wife would be tougher but you would be able to communicate your workflow to another journalist. In Goli Soda 2, I had the advantage of working with the people who understand my language, especially with directors like Gautham Menon and Samuthirakani”

“Though I don’t accept other people’s inputs, it’s a sign that they are involved with the project. Also, it depends on the nature of the person, for example, even while signing the agreement for Kadugu, I told Rajakumaran to not suggest any input for the film because our filmmaking style is totally different. In case of Goli Soda, Gautham Menon had elevated the dialogues with his contribution. As an actor too, he didn’t have any inhibition. Gautham came to the sets like an experienced actor and performed with so much ease, he has a natural swag with him”, said Vijay Milton who was in full praise for his action choreographer Supreme Sundar that he worked meticulously for the pre-climax stunt scene which happens in a single stretch.

Goli Soda 2 can’t be termed as a sequel but if I I opt for another title, people would tell me that I can’t make any other story than protagonists who fight for their identity. For example, if AR Muruagdoss get an idea of making a film based on a protagonist who would forget everything as soon as he goes to sleep, people would say that the director has modified Ghajini and made another film. But if Murugadoss sir name it as Ghajini 2, the perception would be different and audiences would also come prepared”, said Vijay Milton on why he titled the film as Goli Soda 2.

When asked about his future plans, Vijay Milton said that he is waiting for the release and reception of Goli Soda 2 and didn’t even think about any other new script.

- Rajasekar S

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