Good Bye 'Adventure Time'

Last Updated: Mon, Sep 03, 2018 10:41 hrs

[USA] Sep 03 (ANI): As Cartoon Network's 'Adventure Time' ends its 10-season run on September 3, a DVD box set will be released on September 4 with Seasons 8 through 10.

The fantasy show featured characters like Jake the Dog, who talks and can easily change into almost anything; Marceline the Vampire Queen; Princess Bubblegum; and Lady Rainicorn (half-rainbow and half-unicorn).

Speaking about the fantastical character of the show, Adam Muto, the series showrunner, said that during the early days of the show, they had to fight. But when Cartoon Network saw the results of every episode, they gave creator Pendleton Ward and his brain trust more freedom with the characters.

About the final episode, Muto also said that he is hoping that the fans get something from the finale- happiness, joy or sadness. (ANI)