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Yash, Kriti Kharbanda, Ananth Nag, Sadhu Kokila
Joshua Sridhar
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The expectations from this movie directed by Pawan Wodeyar were very high considering that his debut project ‘Govindaya Namaha’ (2012) was a significant success. Well, Pawan does not fail the audience, but whether the star cast is appropriate is something the audience will have to decide. For, the movie is tailor-made for actors, such as Diganth and Prem. Not that Yash is a misfit for the role, but the actor has stretched himself too much to justify the character, and it reminds of his days in theatre.

The storyline is simple and there is nothing new, but the director has to be given credit for a lively narration. Yash is an undergraduate student while Kriti Kharbanda is a medical student. The two fall for each other but never confess the same. After several years, fate brings them together and the love story resumes all over again! Much of the movie comprises flashback.

The title does not justify the story or the twist in the tale. What sets the movie apart is the comedy-laced dialogue. The presence of Ananth Nag and Sadhu Kokila makes the movie lively. Another highlight of the movie is the music composed by Joshua Sridhar. While three songs are melodious, the title track is not up to the mark.

The heart and soul of the movie is Kriti Kharbanda, who with her cute looks, emerges triumphant on the big screen with some fine acting. Though Kriti has acted in several movies in Kannada, Googly will definitely be her best till date.

Yash proves himself in fights and dances, but he has become stereotyped in his dance moves, many of which now appear like a routine drill. He has tried to make his presence felt too much and that appears to be the major drawback of a movie, which has romance as the theme. Will this movie be a hit? The screenplay, narration, stylish making and the lavish spending are certainly top class. Had the director involved top stars, the movie would have received top billing. Unfortunately, the director had to settle with Yash, who seemed to having a continued deal with producer Jayanna.

Verdict: Average


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