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Kondapalli Dasaradh Kumar
Nagarjuna, Nayanthara, Meera Chopra
S. Thaman
D Siva Prasad Reddy
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Chandu (Nagarjuna) loses his parents at very young age, his mother tells him not to get into relationships, because if he does he would feel pain.

Chandu grows up to be Casanova, not sticking to any relationship. He is businessman in USA. Nevertheless, he goofs up an agreement with a client that forces him to pay a hefty amount in 30 days. His grandparents in India ask him to visit them. He learns that his grandparents have crores of money and he can visit them and take some money to clear off the debt.

On his way to India, he meets Sandhya (Nayanthara) who is a member of Make A Wish foundation. He likes her. His grandparents with love and affection welcome Chandu. Sandhya comes to the village where Chandu is living with grandparents, and they mistake her to be Chandu`s wife.

To make his grandparents happy, he asks her to pretend and Sandhya agrees to it. What happens next is the rest of the story.

Director Dasaradh who is known to make `feel-good` dramas has made Greekuveerudu in a similar manner. It does offer some emotional scenes, some appreciable moments, catchy songs, but leaves us feeling that it could have been better if it were handled with more finesse. Because the movie moves on a relatively predictable style.

It is as, if you have seen one, you have seen them all. The screenplay is uneven with hardly any exciting element in the second half. Then what scores for its advantage? Well, it is the charm of lead actors, Nagarjuna and Nayanthara that largely works. Also scenes between Nagarjuna and K Vishwanath are good too. Though it is predictable, it is not boring.

The film has many resemblances to Seetarammayya Gaari Manavaralu and other Telugu films and more importantly French romantic comedy I Do (Pr`te-moi ta main, 2006).

Nagarjuna is quite good looking, the seasoned actor carries off the role well. His chemistry with Nayanthara is equally nice. Nayanthara looks beautiful in trendy costumes as well as in designer sarees.

Vishwanath as grandfather brings dignity to the movie. His role is similar to that of Akkineni`s in Seetarammaya Gaari Manavaralu. Sudha makes her presence felt. Brahmanandam and M S Narayana`s comedy sequences are irritating. There are plenty of actors but none makes impact.

On technical front, surprisingly, Taman`s music scores. He has given some good numbers. His work stands out in the film. But other technical crew has failed. The CG work and cinematography are below standard.

Dialogues are good in some portions. Director Dasaradh always writes good lines for emotional scenes. He has again succeeded in getting the emotional moments right. But he should have taken care of the screenplay and portions in the second half.

Greekuveerudu is a very plain family drama. Couple of good emotional scenes, catchy numbers by Taman, lead actors` charm and the message of the movie work to its advantage.

Rating: 3/5


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