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Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyindhe review

Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyindhe
Vijay Kumar Konda
Nithin, Nithya Menen, Isha Talwar, Gutta Jwala
Anup Rubens
Nikitha Reddy
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Karthik (Nithin) falls in love with a girl Sruthi (Isha Talwar) at the first sight. He asks his friend (Ali) to find out her number and his friend does just that. A mistake happens while noting down her number and Karthik calls the wrong girl.

We must add here that Karthik is ultra lucky to get a girl`s number even when he dials a wrong number. The girl happens to be Sravani, a rich businessperson`s daughter, who is a lot like the heroine of Yandamuri Veerandranath`s novel Vennello Aadapilla. Sravani`s idea of love is to meet a boy over the phone and know him without seeing him and meeting him.

Karthik without realizing that he is talking to Sravani tells her that he wants to be friends with her over the phone. This sets out for a crackling romance and it offers some twists and surprises along the way.

Let`s be straight. Gunde Jaari Gallanthanindhe (GGG) is an entertainer. It is worth all your money, no doubt. Has high doses of comedy, interesting screenplay and deft handling by the debutant director, and what a crackling chemistry between the lead pair. After the super hit romantic movie, Ishq in 2012, Nithin and Nithya Menen have teamed up for Gunde Jaari Gallanthanindhe (GGG) to recreate the same magic.

While Ishq was an offbeat romantic move, GGG is a romantic entertainer, with more emphasis on the comedy. Triangle love stories are not new, nor the stories revolving around mistaken identities, but what makes the film work is the writer and director`s clever use of old tricks in entertaining way.

First half of the movie itself goes in a lighter vein and post interval the drama between Nithin and Nithya Menen further engrosses us and offers more laughs. And the climax is very convincing and romantic too. The comedy is targeted at youth and all the funny scenes have come out well.

Nithya Menen setting out on a new mission in the second half is a clever ploy that brings the movie back on the track when it starts slipping. Bhumika`s naval scene from popular film Pawan Kalyan starrer Khushi is also used cleverly in the screenplay. Even Nithin dancing with Pawan Kalyan in a remix song (graphical work) has worked out well. It does not have a novel storyline, nor great scenes but the simple scenes are effectively used and in an entertaining way. That is what makes the film very enjoyable.

Nithin is in good form. He is a perfect comedian. He has shown more ease in delivering dialogues and performing comedy. His chemistry with Nithya Menen is absolutely good. Nithya Menen can liven up even a dull scene with her expressive presence, and that is what she has done in the film. She is a treat to watch in many scenes.

Newcomer Isha Talwar is just okay. Ali provides some good laughs. Vinay in a gay character brings down the house. Ahuti Prasad, Sudha, Tagubothu Ramesh and others have done justice to their roles. Badminton player Jwala Gutta who appeared in a song fails to impress either with her dance moments or with her glamour.

Cinematography by Andrew is neat and pleasant. So is the music by Anup Ruebens. Only jarring aspect is background score. Writer Harsha Vardhan has come up with funny lines. It is Vijaya Kumar Konda, the new director, who should get all the credit for this entertaining movie. He has shown so much promise in writing the interesting screenplay in his very debut movie. The film also has rich production values.

Gunde Jaari Gallanthaindhe is simple romantic movie but very entertaining. Crackling chemistry between the lead pair, comedy and fast paced screenplay make the movie a pleasurable experience. Watch it for its entertainment and Nithin and Nithya`s romance.

Rating: 3.25/ 5


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