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Happy Journey

Happy Journey
Boban Samuel
Jayasurya, Aparna Gopinath
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With a shaky script by Arun Lal, the director unveils the story adding high melodrama. The film`s visuals and music are fine, at best.

In Iqbal (2005), director Nagesh Kukunoor had narrated the story of a deaf and mute boy, who lives with his passion for cricket. Shimit Amin`s Chak De! India (2007) was about the triumph of a hockey coach beating several negative factors. Then there are several films, which are based on real life persons and events that narrates the triumph of grit over difficulties.

But instead of modeling on the entertaining pattern of such movies, the effort has been to mix melodrama with the disabilities and challenges, in perhaps the style, which was seen in some of Vinayan`s films in Malayalam.

Still, the highlight of the film is a dedicated performance from Jayasurya, who essays the role of a visually challenged youth in a remarkable way. The heroine, Aparna Gopinath, has nothing much to do other than to flash her pearly smile, at regular intervals.

The rest of the cast suffers from amateurish writing. And sadly, this includes the terrific John Vijay, who has been wasted in an inconsequential role.

Happy Journey is a tale worth narrating but the problem is with the way it has been narrated. The story meanders without a definite plan or direction most of the time and makes it all into a tedious journey in the end.

This is not bad film, but could have been much better, if it were made with more passion.

Verdict: Average


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