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Haridas - Not to be missed!

GNR Kumaravelan
Kishore, Prithviraj Das, Sneha, Suri, Pradeep Rawat
Vijay Antony
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Hats off to director GNR Kumaravelan as Haridas emerges as the finest example of a film which defies conventions. It avoids the usual Tamil film masalas like songs, vulgarity and cheap comedy. The film takes us on an insightful journey into childhood with the backdrop of police, encounter killing and anti-socials.

It's taut, twisty and absolutely thrilling. The tight screenplay keeps the storyline moving along with some fine performances of its lead actors. Sivadas ( Kishore) is tough-talking encounter specialist in the police department. He is sharp and is the team leader who is loved by his subordinates. He has a mission to pin down Aadhi (Pradeep Rawat) a gangster and mercinary and is hot on his trail.

But life changes for the tough cop when he brings his only son Hari (Pritviraj Das) to Chennai from his village, where he was brought up by his grandmother. The young boy is autistic and now Siva has to take care of the boy and help him overcome his disability. He consults a doctor Ravi (Yugi Sethu) and admits Hari in a normal school where Amudhavalli (Sneha) is a trained teacher for special children.

The narrative picks up and builds to a superb climax, as Hariís autism puts an incredible burden on Siva but he manages to do his duty as a father and a responsible police officer. The good thing about the film is that it is deeply emotional without being manipulative or preachy. Ití is moving and magical, in a quiet heartfelt way. The film is likely to alter your view of autistic children because it paints their behavior and tells us how such kids can transform themselves and be successful in life.

One of the major highlights of the film is the performance of Kishore as Sivadas. As the tough cop on duty and the patient father he delivers a mature and sensitive performance, adding those little touches that makes the difference. Sneha is extremely natural as Amudhavalli teacher, while and the young boy has given a committed performance. Parotta Suri as driver Kandaswamy and little known actors in supporting roles are all good.

Ratnaveluís camera is top notch while Raja Muhammed editing is crisp. Thumbs up for Vijay Antonyís songs and background score. On the whole, Haridas makes for absolutely compelling viewing. It tugs at your heartstrings, and urges you to introspect and makes you look at children with disability differently. Go for it!

Verdict: Donít Miss it


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