Hello Brother

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 10 August 2001

Movie Title

Hello Brother


Sohail Khan

Star Cast

`Hello Brother` is the story of two brothers and their exploits. Salman Khan works as a courier and lives in a "basti". He falls in love with Rani who lives locally. She is already in love with tough guy Arbaaz Khan who is a cop in Delhi.

Arbaaz is sent to Bombay on a mission which involves drugs. Salman`s boss Shakti Kapoor is a corrupt man and is actually having the courier as a cover for his involvement in the drug trade. This is a fact unknown to Salman who fights for his boss against his brother who suspects Shakthi.

Salman is killed in a skirmish and his brother is in a bad shape in hospital. Salman transplants his heart into his brother and dies. The ever so sweet Salman wants his brother and Rani to become an item so he appears as a ghost in the second half of the film and helps them get interested in each other. Arbaaz undergoes a change of heart (literally and figuratively as well) and starts showinginterest in Rani.

The film has nothing much to offer by way of entertainment. Only die-hard fans of Salman will like the humour which is bawdy and crude. It will only to the average film goer who watches films as a pure time pass.

On the preformance front Arbaaz has done excellently well. He looks good as the tough cop and Salman has been his usual self. Rani has been wasted in the film and her acting capabilities have not ben fully utilised. The music is catchy and trendy, including a track sung by Salman himself.

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