Here's how 'Wonder Woman' beach battle scene was shot

Last Updated: Tue, Aug 29, 2017 05:46 hrs

[India], August 29 (ANI): 'Wonder Woman' had some good action sequences!

The movie not just became the a successful superhero origin movie, but also became this year's action blockbuster.

One of the scenes that made fans go into frenzy was the epic beach battle scene, in which German soldiers follow Steve Trevor to Themyscira and they come face to face with the elite Amazonian army.

In the exclusive clip from the 'Wonder Woman' digital release, director Patty Jenkins explained exactly how the scene came together, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Jenkins said, "The beach battle was defined by one thing, which is Diana's point of view. She has grown up with this idyllic, romantic idea of these Amazons all around her and battle and training. And she wants to be one of them. She's seen them train in a very fair and organized way, where they all fight, and there are rules."

The director also shared that this scene was really important to her as Diana sees the brutality of man for the first time.

Adding, "So this battle, what was fascinating to me [is] it's the first time Diana sees her own people turn and this other side of them, which is brutal and capable and willing to wage a battle."

The video also revealed that much of the battle's action scenes were shot on a real beach in Italy, with female athletes from around the world playing the Amazonian warriors.

The clip comes from the upcoming digital release of 'Wonder Woman', which will be available on September 19.

Meanwhile, Gadot has already signed on for a sequel, and Jenkins is getting close to what could be a historic deal to return.

The sequel is expected December 13, 2019. (ANI)

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