Hettare Hennanne Herabeku

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 26 November 2007

Movie Title

Hettare Hennanne Herabeku


Om Sai Prakash

Star Cast

Dr.SPB, Lakshmi, Rekha, Ajay Rao, Avinash, Padma Vasanthi

In the days of globalization, computerization and right share given to women, here comes a film 'Hettare Hennanne Herabeku' that is purely male bashing. The story of Dr.Dasari Narayana Rao is debatable and written to highlight the strength of women power. The climax of this film where the protagonist Rekha adopts SPB and Lakshmi as parents after their death is illogical.

This is another addition to the list of remake films. The Telugu version of this film is 'Kante Kuthre Kanali'. Jyothi (Rekha) is the ill fated girl right from her birth. After her birth she is pooh-poohed, not given proper attention by her father. Despite of all odds she rises to a comfortable position in life. Her brother is a good for nothing. He sends his parents out of the house to sell the house to go to USA. Jyothi looks after her real parents and also couple in distress SPB and Lakshmi with whom she lives in difficult stage of her life. When children show disgrace to SPB and Lakshmi they commit suicide. With no one to do the final rite Jyothi adopts the dead SPB and Lakshmi as parents.

The entire flow of the film is slow. The elements to hold the attention of the audiences have not been taken note by the director. He has that age old style of narration. All the artists sleep walk and the most irking performance is that of SPB. Rekha with 25 films to her credit deserved to be better. Mano Murthy copies the tunes of his previous films. This is a below average film.

Verdict: Below Average

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