Himesh's A nohup.out nohup.out_m_folder replace_dependentitem_tags.sh Is Killed based on Michael Jackson's murder?

Last Updated: Thu, Mar 17, 2011 12:42 hrs

Himesh Reshammiya is back. 

Just when the world was wondering where the man had disappeared to, it has now been revealed that he was quietly making progress on his next film - an international project titled A nohup.out nohup.out_m_folder replace_dependentitem_tags.sh Is Killed (where nohup.out nohup.out_m_folder replace_dependentitem_tags.sh stands for 'star'). 

The film is produced by Arifilms and directed by Christophe Lenoir.

The first promo was pretty intersting. It looks like the film is based on the murder of Micheal Jackson. 

"It is clear that the film is making obvious references to Michaeal Jackson," said a source. "Even though no names are taken, the 100 second promo gives out all the signals indicating that the story is about Jackson, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances in June 2009. The film by itself gives the feel of a chilling dramatic thriller." 

The teaser, which is currently available online, has a few shots from the film interspersed with quotes/snippets from friends, supporters and family members of the killed superstar, all of whom are expressing a sense of disbelief that the man is not amidst them any more. 

A nohup.out nohup.out_m_folder replace_dependentitem_tags.sh Is Killed is said to be taking off from this point and seemingly unfolds truth behind the murder. 

So where does Himesh Reshammiya come into picture? 

Well, he plays the character of Sidharth Patel, an Indian musician who is mesmerised by the murdered superstar. 

The promo establishes his importance to the film's plot - he shown as the man who sets things moving to unveil the truth. 

Himesh, the only Indian actor in this international project, was selected by the producer and director because they felt that he really suited the part of Sidharth Patel.

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