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Hit List

Hit List
Bala, Dhruv, Aiswarya Devan, Sandhya
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The 2011 thriller Blitz starring Jason Statham is about a hot headed cop, who is trying to nab a killer. In a straightforward copy, Bala tries to emulate the honours, playing the lead role himself, besides producing, scripting and directing the film, titled Hit List.

Vikram (Bala) is a recluse, who keeps a serious look intact all along, after the death of his wife (Sandhya). He is assigned with the duty of getting some clues about a killer on the rampage. The killer targets some cops and he is brutally killing them one after the other.

Though the killer Dhruv (Kannada actor Dhruv) is known to the audience pretty early, he can't be caught, as the cops are unable to come up with some solid evidences. Then there is the other heroine (Aiswarya Devan), whose brother (Unni Mukundan) has been killed as well.

Now, what should you expect from the bad copy of a just about okay film? With scenes that defies logic and even without much relevance to the plot, this film is far from thrilling. The best thing about the film could be the killer played by Dhruv, the deaf and mute Kannada actor, who has been amazingly successful despite his disabilities.

Bala flexes his muscles all the time and that is all he can, considering his not so great acting skills. Aiswarya Devan, the heroine, has no expressions on her face. Unni Mukundan is there for a few scenes and Narain, for some moments. Their presence could fetch more satellite rates, but doesn't improve things in any way.

Hit List is a rather forgettable attempt from Bala and even as a mindless action thriller, the film is a let down. Watch this one at your own risk!

Verdict: Below Average


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